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I am now providing music lessons for beginners to advanced levels.


Lessons can be either on-sight at my studio or I can travel to home/business locations.

      All lessons will be videotaped by student or me and available to each student

      Lessons will be as follows:

1. Beginners intro to guitar

·       Teaching guitar set-up i.e. tuning, intonation, neck adjustment

·       Learning how to care for your instrument

·       Learning all chords, notes and strumming without having to read “sheet music”

·       Teaching full songs ("easy" to "difficult")

·       Learn to play by “ear” as well as understanding all notes and what they represent

·       Learning to develop an “ear” for all types of songs

·       Personal email correspondence available after each lesson for any questions


2. Advanced Techniques

·       Learning solo phrases (“licks”)

·       Learning styles, Blues, Rock, Country, etc.

·       Understanding grooves and patterns while playing songs

·       Learning string bending techniques

·       Learning all types of tunings, using a capo

·       Learning fingerpicking, playing bass lines and melody lines all at once

·       Learning slide guitar technique and playing open tunings

·       Learning guitar “harmonies” and how/when to use them

·       Learning number charts, what they represent and how to read/create them

·       Understanding tempos and what notes represent; quarter-note half-note, etc.

·       Learning what each note of each chord represents i.e. 1-3-5, etc.

·       Understanding “triads” or “tri-tones” of all chords

·       Learning theory and what chords are used in songs to create different moods

·       Learning scales for practicing and finger exercises


3. Building a home studio/recording

·       Understanding Hard Disk Recording

·       Understanding Analogue Recording (tape)

·       Understanding MIDI and all virtual instruments

·       Building a home studio with a minimum budget

·       Understanding all recording software

·       Learning how to use “plug-ins”

·       Learning how to edit & correction of music tracks

·       Learning Multi-track Recording completely

·       Learn how to tweak your PC to work best with your recording software

·       Mastering you final recordings

·       Making your own CD


4. Songwriting

·       Learning how to write music and lyrics

·       Learning how to phrase all words correctly

·       Learning how to sing other artists songs

·       Learning how to sing and play your own music


         5. Vocals/singing/arranging

·       Learning lead vocals and all of its importance

·       Learning any and all types of vocal harmonies

·       Learn how to sing and/or arrange harmonies for other background vocalists

·       Learn how to create and arrange keyboard parts for songs

·       Learn how to create and arrange/apply horn parts for songs

·       Learn how to write solos and “signature” parts for your songs


           6. Video

·       How to record video for music or movies, etc.

·       How to edit video

·       How to edit music tracks and apply /sync to video

·       How to use multiple camera shoots to make the final video master

·       How to record music separately- “Live” or “Studio” and apply to video

·       How to make titles; add photos and credits, etc.

·       How to finalize or “encode” video for DVD, myspace, youtube or copy to tape for high quality master


     All of these lessons will supply students not only with education in the arts but will also give them a greater knowledge of usage of the computer which they will use throughout the rest of their lives.  Understandings backing up files, naming files, creating personal databases are crucial to how we live today and in our future.  Anyone can take these lessons, learn them and with little effort become a teacher.



   $75. PER HOUR


If I drive to student’s location and distance is over 20 miles there willbe an extra $25 charge added to lesson


$10. FOR ANY PRINTED SHEETS I SUPPLY such as hand/finger

charts for all chords


Call or email:



Updated 8/9/2011